"I am interested in trying pistol shooting, but I am not sure whether it will be as a hobby or a serious attempt at competition, in fact I am not even sure I will like it."

"What do I do?"


We have club shoots every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 8pm where everyone interrested in the sport is welcome to try it out. We will require you to adhere strictly to the club rules and obey the commands from the range officer. Safety First!
Visitors (bookings required) will be charged $35 on club nights and this include the use of our facilities, a .22 pistol, a 9mm and 38 Special pistol when available and approx 20 rounds of ammunition as well as the supervision and guidance of an endorsed member. Please note that wearing of cammoflage or paramilitary clothing is not allowed on the club complex.
Phone the club on (07) 843 3232 or email info@pistolclub.co.nz to make arrangements to visit.


You may visit the Club as a visitor 3 times only before you must decide whether you wish to become a member. To become a member you must be proposed by a full member and pay the required membership fees. Once you have been accepted by the Committee you will be required to serve a 6 month probationary period where you will be trained and examined on safety and shooting techniques. During this period you will be assessed by the range staff and attain a satisfatory level of competence with the club firearms. After satisfactorily completing your probationary period you may be accepted as a full member by the Committee.

Do I need a licence?

YES. Before being permitted to own your own pistols, you will have to hold a Firearms License with a "B" Endorsement. If you do not hold a "B" endorsement, but are in the process of getting one, you may shoot a pistol on the range under the direct supervision of a member holding a B Endorsed License. Until you hold a Firearms License, however, you may not have possession of a pistol or purchase ammunition.
Note: if you do not have a "A" CAT firearms licence on joining, you must obtain one within the 6 month probationary period.

What is involved in obtaining these licences?

An "A" CAT Firearms License is obtained by going to your local Police Arms Officer who will carry out a background check to confirm your your suitability to hold a firearm. You will be required to attend a firearms safety course run by the NZ Mountain Safety Council followed by a written exam which you must pass.

The "B" Endorsement to your firearms license is obtained by being a "bona fide" member of the Pistol Club and having attended and shot at the club at least 12 times during the 6 month probationary period. Upon attaining this stage the Committee and Pistol NZ may recommend you to the Police for your "B" Endorsement. At this stage the Police for their part will once again confirm your suitability, and your security arrangements for owning your own pistol...ie....that you have installed an approved safe and that your house is secure.

What type of pistol will I train with?

Initially, you will shoot with either an air pistol or a .22 pistol that is available from the Club Armourer using factory ammunition available from the Club at reasonable prices.

Will I need any special equipment?

Ear protection (plugs or ear defenders) and eye protection is mandatory. A cheap plastic tray is ideal for carrying gear.
What sort of pistols and events can I expect to shoot at later on?

You will be able to shoot 8 out of the 9 disciplines of pistol shooting at our Club as follows;

I.S.S.F. this discipline is the one hand precision type shooting, at 25 and 50 metres, you saw kiwi's win medals at, at the Commonwealth Games.
Pistols range from air pistols, .22 single shot to .32 and .38 revolvers and semi-automatics.

IPSC this discipline is practical shooting in ranges set up to emulate real-world environments. It involves shooting on the move, shooting through windows and around walls.
Pistols used here are semi-automatic guns such as 9mm and 45ACP.

Speed Steel this discipline is all about shooting fixed steel targets set out on a range in as fast a time as possible.
Pistols used here range from .22 semi-automatics to heavier calibre semi-automatics as well as revolvers.

3 Gun/Multigun these disciplines involve the use of pistols, rifles and shotguns used on stages similar to IPSC stages.
Pistols used here are usally 9mm or 45ACP semi-automatic, but can alsobe revolvers. Rifles are generally .223 semi-automatics and shoguns are 12 guage semi-automatics.

ACTION this discipline requires you to shoot at steel and paper targets, often at speed but still requiring accuracy.
Pistols .30 calibre revolvers and semi-automatics through to 9mm, 45 acp.

BLACK POWDER this discipline caters for those interested in the muzzle loading pistols and revolvers of yester year.
Pistols can be those with flintlock or percussion locks, original or modified type designs.

COWBOY This discipline simulates the type of shooting skills required on the American Frontier circa 1870- 1900. Using handgun, rifle, and shotgun. Participants are required to wear period dress.

SILHOUETTE this discipline is long range type shooting (up to 200m)
Pistols used here are heavy calibre single shot pistols, revolvers, and bolt action pistols. (This discipline is not available at the Hamilton Range)

Do I have to become a competitive shooter?

In short no, but eventually we feel you will reap more enjoyment from competition even if only at club level. BUT if it turns out that you get pleasure from just "Plinking" then provided you are a safe genuine member, you will be made very welcome.

What sort of training will I get?

Upon joining the club you will receive an introductory lecture followed by four initial shoots where you will be supervised on a "one to one" basis and be taught all safety and shooting basics that will prepare you as a pistol shooter.

This initial training will put you in good stead to attempt any of the four disciplines open to you. The basics of pistol shooting...ie...sight picture and trigger control are common to all types of pistol shooting.

We are proudly paranoid about SAFETY and the rules will be DRUMMED into all new members and strictly enforced.

What are the chances of my becoming a top shooter?

There are few NATURALS in pistol shooting and as in other sports, practice still makes perfect, so as is often the case, we get out of a sport only what we put in, but if you turn out to be just average in ability then don't despair because most of our events are graded to increase your chances of succeeding. But as we have said before, providing we are safe shooters we donít have to be medal material to have FUN.

How long before I can bring visitors to shoot?

Once you have completed your probation period and become a full member with a "B" Endorsement, you are free to bring family and friends. They will be put in your charge after they have registered. The club feels that three visits are suffice to decide whether they wish to join or not.

What will all this cost me?

To join the club there is an annual subscription as follows:

  Non members on club night - $35
  New member joining fee - $150
  Senior Sub - $250
  Intermediate (aged 18-20) - $95
  Junior - $30
  Special Group Family Rates - On application only

These rates exclude mandatory Pistol NZ Affiliation of $75. All prices are inclusive of GST.

So why not join the Hamilton Pistol Club now!