Group Shoot Options

The Hamilton Pistol Club is more than happy to arrange private
shoots for business, social and other groups. There are two
basic packages - as seen below, and we are also more than
happy to discuss custom shoots taylored to your needs. Please
contact our Group Shoot team for booking and for any questions
you may have by completeing the Group Shoot
Enquiry Form
. Please note: we require at least 1 weeks notice for
for any shoots other than the Basic package.

1. Basic Package (Wed nights) Send Enquiry

Safety induction
22lr Pistol - 10 rounds on steel
9mm Pistol - 5 rnds on steel targets
38 Special and Magnum pistols when available
Cost $35 per person

2. Pistol plus Send Enquiry

Safety induction
22lr Pistol -15 rounds on paper (10 scored shots)
38sp Pistol on stationary steel targets - 6 rounds
9mm Pistol on stationary steel targets
Cowboy Shot gun - 2 rounds
Rifle 38sp - 7 rounds
45 ACP Pistol - 2 rounds
Magnum pistols 357 or 44
Black Powder percussion revolver
Cost $70 per person - Minimum of 10 Shooters

3. Custom packages Send Enquiry

Custom packages can be made from a selection of the following
options. Not all options will be avaialble at all times due to gun
availability and personell. Let us know what selection you would
like in the enquiry form prices will be advised based on request.

22lr Pistol
9mm Pistol
38 Special Revolver
357 Magnum Pistol
44 Magnum Pistol
Tactical 12 gauge shotgun
AR 15 .223 Rifle
45 ACP Pistol
7.62x39 Rifle (AK47 type)
Cowboy shot gun
Cowboy rifle (38 special)
Special requests can be considered where possible

Minimum 10 shooters


All prices are GST inclusive.